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Stimulating Advances: Chapter One


Heed My Warning

It occurred to me that if I put my hands to the keyboard, that I would eventually start typing memories from the past. Contrary to what some people believe, this is not an easy task. For years, I have struggled with the concept of how I was going to share my life on paper because not only is their word of childhood games among the young at heart, but also a fair amount of twisted rituals of sexual exploration and wild fantasies, that without description, would lessen the true world that I live in. Indulging the reader into a world of pain, love and the erotic, I introduce to you my story as many have described as forbidden and even immoral at times, as there is no denying the truth of who I am, and I am proud to have the strength to journey through foolish friends, corrosive love affairs, and false companionships. I learned long ago that life can take you on a path of misguided turns, darken alleyways of misjudgment and mysterious tunnels of curiosity. However, like a root spiraling, its growth deeper into the ground, life leads you blindly into unknown adventures of misfortune. I have also learned that fear is to be accepted in order to overcome the darkness, and when this is acknowledged, then a powerful light can reincarnate a smile. With every spark of happiness over the years that I had managed to bring forthright, I carried this aching feeling that lingered within me as to what the ultimate outcome was going to be, and as soon as I indulged myself within the moment, the roots of life dug deeper, until everything I held dear was lost once again. I was forced to forge another path. I knew I had to learn the difference between the men from the boys and question each moment of lust or desire. I also needed to understand the emotional balance between companionship and commitment. My actions dictated what I thought I knew, and from the lack of maturity and knowledge, I only encouraged false actions and false emotions. The course that seemed to hold my attention the most, was the one that shone the littlest of light ahead, and for that reason alone, I inadvertently began to stage myself into a darken opera. The veins of curiosity had always grabbed my willingness, and like a fool, I let it over-power me, leading me deeper into new curiosities that starved fulfillment. As each year passed, my mistakes grew heavier in heartache and consequence, and as bad as it became, myself recognition finally blossomed, inspiring me to grow into a stronger and better person. To realize failures and use them as tools to resurrect wrong doings, it can only enrich your soul; suppressing discouragement, hurtful disrespect and shallow insinuations, of others. Believe me when I say that, eventually it will create a world of enlightenment and strength within. I am not saying that life has handed me lemons in a basket, because in honesty, my life has been plentiful. I have received love and given love, as I have taken and shared forbidden desires. Friendships were created out of mutual respect, and some were discarded as fools from a deck. I have exceeded my success in every detail on becoming independent and as my memory relives my own stories, I continue to struggle over the concept of how all this has come to pass. By writing my story, then perhaps, just perhaps, I have completed my journey on some level. The words may be identifiable, and as you learn through the pages, we are similar in nature. Although my path was run independently and not coursed what parents or society dictated: my personal experiences and actions were derived from within, creating a stronger character in nature than most. I grew to understand who I am by my own pace of development, and I thank God that it was not from what others expected of me. My story may frighten you, to the point of disbelief and disgust, but I only hope somewhere within the pages, all this tiresome effort running down memory lane, will guide a positive light on who we are to be. Let the words portray that they are not alone in this world and just because you make a wrong turn, once or twice, doesn’t mean you’re lost.

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Erotic Poems


Feel the warmth flow deep inside
A forever stream of madness
It’s white and virgin fill deep with satisfaction
Spread me wide, loaded and ready.
Shoot the passion straight from you
But take it slow, feeling insanity grow
Deep, deep and deep
The veins of softness, yet the firmness of power
Shoot me hard, a death I have not known.

What Do You Love?

An erotic aroma embraces the air as the heat that lingers alert my senses.
Classical aria tranquilize the tenor, as the caressing breeze drifts across our naked bodies,
Illuminating sweet passions in the air
I am suspended into a motionless stupor, trying to identify these unacquainted sensations that begin with the heart.
It shatters into a vibrant array of colors’ without permitting trespass. Must I surrender to it?
With the enraptured romantic splendor, I instantly fall upon the realism that I must reach for you.
I must touch your hard rhythmic body once and forever again knowing at that moment and then every moment thereafter, I am in love with you.

Sexual Perversity

Hard bodies collected in a field of dreams sustains imaginary beauty.
Pressing firmly upon our visions,
Motion occurs as we reach for the power.
The strength within conjures up sensations that illuminate seedlings of sweat that Streep across fogged mirrors.
The need to touch
The need to be one
The need to be with another
And a lover
To stroll a cruise,
pounds the blood deeper, as excitement mounts into overwhelming intoxication.
Pressing firmly hard against hard
Presses stimulation beyond control
We may touch. We will be one. We are three.
Sexual perversity is our reality.

A lover’s embrace

The true space between two lives is captured in time as it plays out the role of seduction.
Unexplored territory urges an attraction that terrorizes as it thrills like ice melting from a climax. We sigh.
With blue eyes drawn I take your hand in wanting steps, as it secures a lust yet to be fulfilled as we travel across a once forgotten city.
I blush in the passion as a door loudly opens to a visual world of memories and flashbacks.
With a touch, we kiss.
And with that kiss, we embrace with tender fingers entwined.
From the heart of seduction to a novel of romance, I am bond.
Capturing your soul, like a wizard of fate, somehow spelled me.
In a routine back to forward, I tremble with the thoughts of the heart.
I break at the moment we can be together again. I call. I smile.
Not wanting to accept failure, its glory, if prevailed. I push the boundaries.
It scares me and at the same moment, I thank every God known for the blessing this heart.
However, as I look deep inside of you, I know my heart is filled with harmony, not only for moment but always.
When it is time to say those words, I love you?
Do we fail ourselves if expressed to quickly?
Do we make ourselves weak by words spoken?
Are we not soul’s captured by fate?
What is too far and how far should we go?
And most important – who leads when asked to dance?
I shall take that hand and speak of words and answers.
It is time to say I love you.
We cannot fail in ourselves. We can only begin to seed respect and the caring for one another.
We become stronger in passion that brings us closer into tomorrow. A future of dreams can only await our spirits if freed.
Bonded by fate
Our key to life’s door is opening.

Souls against time ache to leave. To start again, this time to believe.
Souls on ground, pain to stay
Forever taking love along its way.
We as one, apart and alone
Stranded we lay, harmonizing from tone.
Lust into love, a twisted affair
Moments pure, are very rare.
You and I
Scared to live, and afraid to die,
Facing the truth, not living a lie.
Seconds gone and minutes apart
Tomorrow is here, it’s from the start.
Believe in change, everyday true
Up from birth, the changes that grew.
Honesty can fool the weak who lie
A life of continue, until they die.
Doors left open to try a new
One is for us, you know it’s true.
Now lock the door, keep the key
Never forget, what used to be.
Memories will remain, forever will stay.
Tomorrow’s here, it’s a brand-new day.
Inside is what counts, outside remains.
Too many alone, not knowing the game.
Emotions afraid, never a reason to be
Open your heart, take a look and see.
So heed my words, I pray to you.
Believe in us, it will all come true.

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We All search For Love

20120818-191836.jpgWe all search for love

Most of my life I have searched for my prince; someone I could hold high in my arms above any kingdom. Seeking out a man who would love me back, as a man in soul and body. To obtain that special moment when the slightest innocent touch electrifies yours body from a single contact of their skin. The moment when your heartbeat pulsates through your veins leaving your body weak.
For me, years pasted with nothing but a journey spent on conquest of lust fulfilled.
“Is this what being gay is all about?” I frequently asked myself.
“Why is there love only in the moment of passion?”
Part time cruises down dark streets and seedy bars of erotic flavor were enough to satisfy my urge, but deep down I knew that love could be hiding around any corner, at any given moment. I had to keep searching.
I learned that when you go searching for love, it is lost and cannot be found: It is only when you are not searching, can it be truly be in front of you. Somewhere I had heard those words, and it started to make sense now.
When I was 26, I was living with Pauline. Her lover, Erin, frequently visited and the three of us got along brilliantly. One night we were lounging around and Erin knew that Pauline and I were feeling a bit restless, so she suggested that the two of us go out to the bars and kick back a few pints.
Erin outed to stay in, so the two of us got ready and off we went.
The night air smelled of piss and the aroma of sex filtered through the senses as we entered the bar. Half naked men dancing tightly together with droplets of sweat cascading off their bodies. I stood around the dance floor gazing at the pure frenzy of lust that emanated from within the cell bars that caged in the dance floor. My eyes immediately set upon one man dancing alone while many men congregated around him. It didn’t matter because our eyes met in glances with smiles of silent agreement. I removed my shirt and headed towards him, onto the dance floor.
Hours had gone by and our connection was made. I invited him home and he accepted in anticipation. When we arrived at the apartment, we relaxed on the couch. Pauline opened a bottle of wine knowing Erin would come out of the bath shortly and the four of us could have a nice romantic atmosphere together. When Erin came out from the bathroom, she stood at the door way dumbstruck. Her eyes glared at the two of us together on the couch; with our hands stroking each others inner thigh. Instantly, He rose up off the sofa as Erin had this angered look upon her face. He looked down at me and said that he had to leave. It was my turn to be dumbstruck. I followed him out to the car in the parking lot. We stood for a moment and exchanged passionate kisses, and then off he went. I had no clue of what just happened.
Erin told me that his name was Adam and that he was going out with her best friend, Norm. I had no idea that he was with anyone and matter of fact, never asked or cared.
Weeks later, Pauline and I took a drive to pick up Erin at work. When we arrived, Norm was introduced to the both of us. Pauline hadn’t the chance to meet him, since he was off training at other store openings for months. She had heard of him in conversations and that he was seeing someone, but that was it.
Instantly, Norm glared an evil look of disgust and dismissed me while devoting his smile and attention the two girls. It was obvious he was told of my sleazy actions with Adam, but was not told that I was unaware he was involved with someone at the time. As if he never picked up anyone before?
Again weeks went by and the girls wanted a night on the town together. When we arrived at a dance club of their choice, they failed to tell me that Norm was joining them. They also failed to tell him that I would be there. I immediately walked over to the bar and started to drink all the beers I could in order to take the edge off. I was pissed at them for putting me in this situation.
Looking over at Norm I had to admit to myself, that there was a strong physical attraction. He had a Greek masculine appearance of positive nature and attitude. I hated the fact that he disliked me under false pretenses, and as strong headed as I was, I hated them back for it. I knew I didn’t do anything wrong.
After many pints, I grabbed the courage and walked up to him and asked him to dance, figuring why not? He turned to me coldly, giving off a slight smile and agreed. I was shocked at the agreement but took the honor at hand. We danced for hours that felt like minutes. When we finally removed ourselves from the dance floor, we retrieved our drinks. I turned and passed him his vodka and cranberry juice. My hand touched his with an electrifying shock that pierced through my arm. It was like our hands were magnets joining together. I couldn’t let go of his touch. I took a hold of his hand in mine, as I slowly approached closer towards his body and his lips.
My eyes were transfixed not taking my eyes off his own. I simply couldn’t control myself. The music escaped my ears and all the people vanished. We were the only two people. We kissed.
I had come to find out that his ride home had left already left and that Pauline and Erin had it planned that Norm was going to sleep over. I knew this situation was going to turn on me but somehow I didn’t care; I needed to be with him. The connection I felt was more than physical when we touched. The foresight of knowing there would be many tomorrows ahead.
The night was perfect. We talked, we cried, we made love.
Our lives became one after that first night as everyday for twelve years seemed like that first day.
For years I would sit alone, by his side, and have this overwhelming feeling of completion. I truly love him. With quick glances into one another’s eyes, we felt connected.
Norm had left for a weekend in Detroit. I usually went with him but work was an issue, on getting the time off. When I heard the front door open, I ran to greet him as I always did and when my arm went around his waist and kissed him gently, a slight pull took place. It took only a few seconds for my stomach to turn and my legs and hands begin to shake. I knew something was wrong and I was afraid to ask, so I chose not to.
When all was unpacked, I pulled out the video camera to watch part of the tournament he was in. Upon the screen was Norm and a few others that I had recognized from previous games. One guy in particular held my attention. There was nothing secretive, but there was a strong pulsating heartbeat exploding in my chest as I felt and my body lose control again. When Norm entered the room, I asked who he was, like a jealous lover. I will never ask that question to anyone ever again.
In that instant, our relationship ended.
No explanation, and with no closure.
He shattered my heart by asking me if I could stay close, in the off chance he was making the biggest mistake of his life. I crumbled and bowed my head.
Later days brought nothing but tears, yet it ended nonetheless.
Our sexual encounters together continued for close to a year, although he was seeing someone else. It pained us both to carry on but the sex was unbelievable
The loss of a family and of 12 years of friends striped clean, added to the hurt, hatred, and pain.
It has been over 11 years since I had last saw him. I wondered if I had made the right choice by leaving the city and having no contact.
The lost love that I never believed would be destined to fall.
I grew to love him in memory and realized that love is always waiting around the corner.
It’s just a different kind of love now. I miss him.

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Art Noveau

Art Nouvea

The morning sun shone through the bay window exposing two bodies lying naked. The heat was intense coming from the uncovered window that exposed the eastward sun, bearing its morning rays upon their skin.
Richard slowly opened his eyes, as his erotic impulses were growing hard again next to Paul. With a slow pelvic thrust, he drove his manhood against David’s sweaty flesh. He reached over his masculine body, feeling substantial growth, as he knew he was not asleep. Richard rolled him over onto his back as he jointly received a smile.
“You were wonderful last night.” Richard moaned while exploring again the subtle mass of dark hair on David’s chest. His fingers gently slide downward, exploring every inch of him until he reached the barrier of white silk sheets that was lying across his mid-section.
David kissed him passionately forfeiting all his emotional ties of the past. He knew this was love. An emotional balance that had been missing from his life, had finally been found.
“I could lay here all morning with you.” A gentle pause fell silent that only lasted for a brief moment.
“This is the first day of your new life. It’s the day when you can finally be free, so let’s get dress and have that meeting together.” Richard said encouragingly.
“Can we lay here just a while longer?” David asked in half slumber. He was denied, as Richard threw off the covers to expose his lover’s naked body gleaming in the sunlight.


“Excuse me Sir, I saw your ad in the paper, so I come to you for help.”
“Please, Have a seat. What can I do for you?” Offering her a hand gesture to the chair opposite him.
“My name is Erica McDowell and I’m searching for my husband. My father suggested that I don’t go to the police. He’s been missing for three weeks now.” She offered with limited resources.
“When exactly did you see him last?” He asked.
“Friday last June. We had dinner with friends. Nothing unusual that night happened except, Dave, my husband, was somewhat distant. My father has not been kind to him since our marriage. It has put a lot of stress on him. When we left the restaurant he excused himself to the men’s-room. He said he would meet us outside and that was the last time I saw him.”
“I may be able to help you, Mrs. McDowell. The first thing you need to do is to remember any small detail, no matter how insignificant you may think that may be. Can you do that for me?” Erica nodded.
“I’ll need a description of his appearance, full name, places he has been and names of friends whom he has associated with. I’ll be in touch.” Richard disclosed ending the meeting.
Erica stood and elegantly walked towards the door.
“I have faith in you Mr. Broth. Please bring him home.” She glided over her hand against the door frame, as she exited the door leaving it wide open.

When Richard moved to New York, after completing the Crime Investigators Development Program, he stumbled across an old building with sculptured bay windows. It was an exquisite architectural wonder that resembled an art nouveau classic that usually could only be found in Riga, home of the Baltic States. He knew the design well, after studying architecture in college. He learned about ornamental style based curved lines, asymmetrical compositions and rhythms of irregular contours that graduated him into an advance degree in design. Without a regret of surrendering his passion, he devoted everything to the academy; his passion will always remain with him.
Every cent he owned went into the opening of his private practice and living in a home that was only considered part of a dream. New York City was mysterious and seductive, as his passion is for art.


Frequent wanderings from seedy back-door bars to bath houses kept his desires satisfied. There was no urge for commitment; only the ones that lasted for a few hours.
He woke up alone, stammering into the kitchen, pouring a glass of orange juice. The pulp thickened in his throat as he devoured every drop. Giving his privates a satisfying scratch, Richard moved himself into the shower, washing all evidence of a night of sweat and promiscuous sex from his body.
His day was less than full, as the new practice had few clients, since opening. Putting on his favorite white T-Shirt and frayed bleached-out jeans, he looked into the mirror and paused. There was darkness in his reflection. He realized, in that instant, that it was the emptiness he felt from not allowing another man’s touch, for more than a few hours. Richard had to change his outlook. However, for now, he only changed his shirt and walked out of the apartment.
There was no destination, as he walked the streets of New York. When he approached the corner of Prince and Elizabeth Street, he noticed a small establishment called the Café Habana.
Upon entering, he placed himself at a table beside the window in the back. He ordered a Cuban sandwich and icy cold draft from the service girl who was also making a service not available on the menu. Richard smiled and then waited patiently.
His eyes caught the attention of a man sitting alone, about five tables away. His head was raised from his book, and his smile radiated across the room. Richard returned the gesture in awe. A smile so vibrant, Vincent’s van Gogh would have painted him in an instant. The waitress returned with his beverage, distracting his attention away from Vincent’s van Gogh’s dream.
” Your meal will be up shortly, honey and I’ll bring that right over for yah, as soon as I hear the bell.” She added with a wink of an eye.
“Okay thanks.”
When he looked up, he noticed that Vincent was gone. His heart skipped a beat. He scoured the room, but no one was there. He was drawn to this guy, like a magnet to a paperclip. Something was drawing him to go after him, so he did as instinct took over.
“He couldn’t of left that fast.” He thought to himself. “His book was still on the table.”
Richard stood and took a three sixty check of the restaurant. He walked up to the counter to greet the service girl. She was ecstatic that he was approaching, and in her mind, believed her charms worked, and that he was going to leave his number or ask her out.
“Excuse me, where is the men’s-room?” Richard asked. In disappointment, she returned with the answer of down the stairs, follow the hallway, and turn right.
Without a thank-you, he walked down the hallway.
While turning right as directed, a beautiful man walked out of the room and stopped.
“Hi. I saw you upstairs, reading. I was afraid you had left before I could get the chance to ask if you would like to join me for lunch.” Richard grasped the moment, before it was gone.
“Yes, I would like that. I’m David.” He replied.
Richard took David’s hand in a formal greeting. The instant euphoria from his touch was remarkable.
“I’m Richard.” He said, hating to let go.
The two of them returned with a glance of excitement, as Richard took the lead back upstairs.

“Thanks for inviting me. I was admiring you from across the room. I thought you may of noticed I was a little too obvious. Sorry, bit I couldn’t help myself.”
“I’m glad because I was thinking the same. Are you from around here?” Richard asked.
“I live not far from here; Chelsea, actually.” David answered.
“Have you lived here long? I haven’t seen you around and I know I would have noticed you.” Richard asked hoping he wasn’t being too bold.
“No. I’ve had a few developments in my past recently. I’m settling in as comfortably as I can. I moved about a month ago near Madison Square Garden.” David was afraid to exchange negative insights into his life but couldn’t help himself. With a simple gaze into Richard’s eyes, the truth escaped with every breath he took.
“I would really like to spend more time with you. How would you feel about taking a walk?” Richard asked openly with all guards down.
“I would love that.” A smile radiated from his face.
”He initiated the girl’s attention, once again.
“Check, please.”
Richard was on cloud nine since yesterday, strolling through Central Park with David. With a cool breeze blowing in their hair, lying on blades of grass under an over-hanging tree, it was all perfect. It was an afternoon spent on spiritual consciousness, emotional responses, and physical perception. The attraction was made, and Richard knew his life was about to change.

Erica was waiting at his office before he arrived. Her arms carried a list of information that was, in hopes, going to find her husband.
“Mrs. McDowell. I didn’t expect you until one o’clock.” Richard stated as he entered his office.
“I know. Sorry. I gathered information I thought would help.”
Richard motioned at her to sit. She placed the folder of miscellaneous papers she had brought and set it on the desk.
“I see that your husband has a different last name as yours.” Richard first questioned.
“Yes. My father insisted I retain my last name. He is a man of strong family values and requested that my husband, sign a prenuptial agreement when we got married. My father would only give his blessing of marriage, if he signed.” Erica felt uneasy about the agreement, but in order to have a husband; she had to agree.
Richard closed the folder as his concentration on the matter was weak.
“I’ll look over these pages later, and if I have any further questions, I’ll be in touch.” Erica was stunned at the abrasiveness but did as she was asked.
“I expect to hear from you soon, then.” She stated and walked out of the room.

Richard sat mesmerized by the thought of David lounging across the grass, eating pizza they had bought from a Central Park Vendor. His mind replayed every moment, like a movie on rewind. With the folder in front of him, that he kept closed, he stared at the phone before picking it up to ring the number that was scribbled on a napkin from the Pizza vendor. He dialed.
Richard invited David to meet him under the same tree as they did yesterday. The anticipation of being with him again was unbearable. This feeling he was having was new; how could he feel so magnetically charged towards someone? It was beyond him. It was almost easier engaging in the rituals of fornication in back ally bars and bath houses, than to endear this new exhilaration of emotion and sexual attraction. Nothing mattered except the eagerness and heart-pounding thrill waiting for the moment to gaze into eyes again.

“I would love to see the apartment that you’ve talked about. I would also like to see more than just that.” Richard thought Paul was bold yet beautiful.
Upon entering the flat, the two of them let all desires escape. The lust they had held back for twenty-four hours was released in seconds after the door closed. In a frenzy of passion, Paul pushed him up against the entrance wall with a thunderous sound of pleasure. He pulled his shirt off as an invite to devour his essence was executed. His tongue powerfully circled the exposed nibbles with a clinch of teeth to heighten the pleasure. He pulled him along the wall, knocking off photographs along the way. The two of them fell upon the bed than invited them in.
For hours, they spent lost in one another, consummating their emotional and physical bond.
“That was incredible.” David expressed, catching the last bit of air, as he removed his body from Richards and collapsed down beside him. The droplets of sweat streaming off their bodies held every inch of lust as they continued to embrace.
“I don’t know what to say?” Richard returned.
“I think we both know there is more to this than what what we’ve imagined.” He felt secure in his exploration of the situation.
“There is so much I want to know about you.” Richard declared.
”We have lots of time getting to know one another. Let just lay here in our sweat, jizz and glory for a while longer and relish in our sexual accomplishment.” David held him tight and closed his eyes.

Richard awoke from his arms and slipped out of bed. The moon was luminous, cascading its rays through the bedroom window, leaving streaks of bluish light across the sculptured body lying naked on top of the white silk sheets. He could get used to this. Since he found the apartment over a year ago, he never brought anyone home. He knew, that something was changing, and it was the most refreshing feeling he has had in a very long time. He wanted to share his dream, and he was lying right in front of him.
“Hi.” Richard said, whispering in his ear. A gentle moan with eyes widening brought a welcomed smile.
“I’ve made us a bite to eat, if you’re hungry.”
“That sounds great.” Richard said as he took his hand and pulled him slowly off the bed, naked.
“I would love to give you a towel, but you look beautiful standing naked in the moonlight.” With the scraping of shadow against their skin, they kissed. Richard had to fight and resist the temptation of erotic play all over again. He empowered the moment until things came to a full erection and then he handed Paul a towel.
“That’s not fair.” David conveyed, as his hand was pulled away leading him into another room by the alcove.
“Wow. You’re right about this place. It’s amazing with its alcoves and interior moldings. I didn’t even know these buildings existed around here.” He was mesmerized in its surroundings and company that he didn’t know where to look next when he saw a small round table placed against the bay window, lined with lighted candles, wine and cheese.
“Come. Sit here.” He indicated, pulling the chair out.
“I know things between us have moved rather quickly, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this… But I need to. For a long time now, I engulfed in sexually intricacies in kind of a sleazy manner. I …”
“You don’t need to say anything.” Paul interrupted slightly afraid.
“Yes, I do. I want to say that I’m very attracted to you and there is a stronger bond I feel towards you than I was ever expecting. Deep down, I know we have a connection, and I need to explore it further.” Richard was glad to have his emotions laid out for once, no matter the turn around. He spoke on faith. David fell silent, at that moment, staring at the burning candles that lined the bay window. With a slight turn towards the beauty of the man sitting across from him, he knew he had to reveal the truth also. It wasn’t just the fact that the last twenty-four hours had been the most wonderful of days that he has had in a very long time. He leaned his hand over the table to touch Richards, to embrace in touch. There was more to be said.
“There are some things I need to tell you, and I don’t know where to begin. The fact of the matter is, if you believe it or not, love at first sight must exist. I have to allow the truth, that I am yours.” David was finding it even harder to go on.
“It has taken me a long time to realize that I have strong sexual desires for men. Understanding the difference between lust and emotions has plagued me until I saw you at Cafe Habana. I knew then, at that moment you smiled at me, that….”
Richard stole the air out of the room but let him continue.
“…my life would be complete. The truth is that I am married. I’ve been married for just over a month. A few days after our honeymoon, I walked out on my wife. Her father made it quite clear that I was no good for their family, and that I should leave. Hell, he wouldn’t even allow her to have my name in marriage without a pre-nuptial agreement, so she kept her own.” Richard was stunned at the honesty, as he watched his lovers, tears begin to fall.
“I was confused and scared about my sexuality. Just before the wedding, her father caught me having sex with one of the workers at his estate. He never breathed a word to Erica about it, but let the marriage happen, anyways.”
Richard’s heart sank as David’s tears continued.
“There’s something I need to ask you before you go on. By chance, is your wife’s name Erica McDowell?” he asked calmly.
“Yes it is. How do you know that?” David was stunned as he cleared the tears off his cheek.
“She came into my office a few days ago and hired me to look for her missing husband. She had this secretive tone in regards to her father. I haven’t opened the file, but it seems very close to your misadventure.
David didn’t quite know how to process the information.
“You need to talk to her so you can resolve this. She needs the truth; If not about us, then the truth of what happened and what your father concealed from her. I really do love you and that, I promise.”
Richard embraced him in that tender moment; as two souls were finally connected.
“Tomorrow I will tell her everything. She needs to know, who I am and who I truly love.


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